Friday, 24 January 2014

Creepy Balloon

Another Keyword Challenge with  j-boxEra and lovesoup

Keywords this time are "Creepy" and "Balloon".

Here are some thumbnails and concepts I roughly rendered out. 5 and 6 were my favourite but in the end I went with 5 since I wanted to play with the atmosphere and lighting more. 

Some colour comps. I quite liked 4 since the colours are very vibrant, but it didn't really suit the mood or atmosphere of the story.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Keyword challenge with  j-boxEra and lovesoup
Keywords this time were “Crystals” and “Red Scooter”. 

So here’s my interpretation, a gypsy lady who travels around with her red vespa, pulling a Romani wagon filled with crystals and fortune telling knick-knacks.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

New year new post!

Hey all! My new "goal" for this year is to keep a journal and actually update it on a regular-ish basis. I will use this blog to post my thoughts and processes of  projects I will be working on this year. 

Here are a few pieces from last year. I honestly didn't draw as much I should have because I had no real goal or an end to something; this year I have set some personal and collaborative projects to work on so I wont' be painting and improving aimlessly. 

I totally recommend listening to Chris Oatley's podcast on this very topic:  Artistic Growth Is NOT A Goal & How To Become An Early Riser :: ArtCast #58

Here's to 2014!